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Interdisciplinary Seminar in Health Disparities: Healthcare Delivery in the Age of COVID-19
This interdisciplinary Seminar will hold intensive and collaborative sessions focused on health outcome and health delivery problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main research topic is health disparities in healthcare delivery and how the COVID-19 pandemic shapes systems and impacts resources, including human resources. Our main product from these collaborative interdisciplinary and multi-organizational work groups of health disparities researchers and students will be a focused grant proposal aimed at examining the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on care delivery and home health caregivers’ own health outcomes. All seminars will be virtual and will have accompanying information and resources provided through Sakai.

- October 20th, 2020
Direct Care Workforce Job Quality and the Impact of COVID-19; Speaker: Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy, PHI

- November 17th, 2020
Health Disparity Issues Faced by Home Health Workers since the COVID-19 Pandemic; Speaker: Maddie Sterling, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

- December 8th or 15th, 2020
Working group for researchers interested in Home Health Workers and the COVID-19 pandemic
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